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Because you're looking for inspiration, because you’re curious (or bored), because you would like to learn more about the world.

And by the world I mean (and here is just a random selection) – British ghost mobs, the Brontës, selkies, Lady Hester Stanhope, the devil on the isle of Skye, Winston Churchill’s ability to navigate by the stars, Jack the Ripper, famous mysteries, including the story of how the Houses of Parliament burned down.

Who are you?

I’m a Finnish-Swedish journalist based in the UK. I write about politics, British culture and life in the UK. In my spare time I read a lot.

I have written two books in Swedish – “Det finns inga britter” about what it means to be British in the years running up to the Scottish independence referendum and “Landet som äter sig självt”, about the cultural and societal factors behind the brexit referendum.

Why Mice Ears?

Because I like to think mice are good listeners. It’s also the Finnish-Swedish word for the first green shoots of leaves on a tree branch in the spring. That’s one of the many things I find interesting.

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I’m a full time writer. My writing helps support my family. As soon as I heard about Substack (the newsletter service provider) I liked the model. It allows subscribers to support writers and content creators, if they so wish.

Every month I publish four newsletters, three will only go to those with a paid subscription and one will be sent to everyone on the list. If you’d like to support my work you have my deepest gratitude, if you’d rather not you, can still sign up and get one newsletter a month.

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